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GOTOH & PARTNERS was established in 1972 by Masaki GOTOH, and we have provided intellectual property services to Japanese clients, and have earned a strong reputation, over approximately half a century. This means that we have been able to meet the high demands of our Japanese clients.

For cases from foreign clients, we also fully exercise our abilities, beginning with accurate translations from foreign languages to Japanese, analyzing the reasons for rejection, drafting proposed responses, communicating closely with the clients, and preparing written responses. Furthermore, we believe that the response is equally as important as the quality, so we never keep our clients waiting.

If you are searching for a Japanese IP firm which offers high quality and good response, we would like to invite you to try using the services of GOTOH & PARTNERS. You will certainly be satisfied with our services.

  • Managing Partner
    Managing Partner:飯田雅昭
    Masaaki IIDA

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Established in 1972